Unmanned System Navigation and Control

Effective unmanned system navigation and control is mission essential for a growing number of air, sea, and ground vehicles (UAV, UGV, UUV and AUV). TFX provides small, rugged, low-power, high performance navigation and control components and systems designed specifically for these demanding mobile platform applications. These navigation and control systems exploit the enhanced performance of the best tactical grade MEMS inertial sensors tightly integrated with highly effective aiding sensor technology. This sensor combination provides outstanding performance with low cost.

TFX provides a range of navigation and control components and subsystems including attitude-heading reference systems (AHRS) and autopilots. The high bandwidth performance of these systems makes them ideal for vehicle and platform stabilization. These systems are designed for ease of use and feature advanced packaging designed for demanding air, sea, and ground vehicle environments. Ease of use is also facilitated by user configurable data output format and a comprehensive selection of standard data I/O interfaces/protocols. These systems are supported with test and operational software for data acquisition, vehicle control, and cockpit like display graphics.

The proliferation of low cost GPS jammers has resulted in the need for the GPS anti-jam navigation systems. TFX has responded to this threat with a small GPS anti-jam navigation system utilizing CRPA conformal arrays well suited to small unmanned vehicle systems.

Please contact TFX to learn more about our unmanned vehicle navigation and control products. TFX welcomes demanding customer specifications and will improvise, adapt, and overcome to assure our customer’s success.

     Contact TFX for further information concerning unmanned system navigation technology:

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