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The TFX research and development process fosters collaboration among a wide range of technical disciplines. This process creates an environment that generates innovative and effective solutions in terms of function, performance, size, weight, and power. The incremental process assures success by assessing functional alternatives early  in a most effective manner with an optimum use of resources.


TFX will initially analyze a potential technical opportunity or problem and propose implementations or solutions. Concepts are evaluated for feasibility and effectiveness with an awareness of potential tradeoffs. Physical principles involved are analyzed, modeled, and simulated to assure a high probability of successful development.


The experimental physical demonstration of new unproven technology is essential for a successful design. TFX conducts proof-of-concept demonstrations with minimal equipment configurations sufficient to establish the feasibility of the principles involved.  Proof-of-concept demonstrations provide the basis for prototype development.


A form, fit, and function equivalent technology demonstrator establishes the practical utility of a design. TFX configures prototype systems to assure performance in operational environments. Prototype equipment incorporates key hardware and software components that comprise the system core functionality.  Prototype development and integration is performed to optimize the use of time and materiel resources. Lessons learned from prototyping are incorporated into the final system design.


TFX performs the integration of developed systems on mobile platforms and in field sites. Installed systems are designed to comply with a wide range of interface and compatibility requirements to facilitate ease of application. TFX performs comprehensive system test and evaluation before and after installation to assure reliable operation of the total system in the field.

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