Laser - Plasma Systems


TFX is at the forefront of the development and fielding of advanced laser wakefield accelerator (LWFA) systems for directed energy technologies. Recent theoretical and technical breakthroughs in femto-second science have been responsible for the introduction of this enabling technology. These breakthroughs have resulted in systems that produce high luminosity relativistic beams with significantly reduced size, weight, power and cooling demands. These systems can be deployed on a wide range of platforms and in the most demanding environments.

At the core of these laser-plasma systems is a femto-second laser source essential for the creation of the plasma wakefield. The plasma wakefield generated by the laser is a region with an extremely high potential gradient that accelerates injected charged particles to relativistic velocities. This acceleration, which occurs in distances measured in millimeters, has resulted in the development of “table-top” systems.  Innovative scaling of the basic LWFA technology results in high luminosity beams.

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