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TFX Associates is an independent research and development organization for scientists and engineers driven to advance new technologies to practical applications. TFX continuously pursues technical innovations with game changing outcome potential. Our mission is to boldly explore new and challenging technical areas where few have ventured.

TFX products and services evolved from work in the optical sciences including laser-plasma physics and optical remote sensing. The need for supporting technologies led to our development of positioning, pointing, stabilization, and computer systems that have resulted in new product areas including navigation and advanced computing.

The growth in unmanned and autonomous systems for land, sea, and air applications has resulted in the need for appropriate navigation and control products. TFX provides small rugged low-power navigation and control components and systems. These products include attitude-heading reference systems (AHRS) and autopilots. The proliferation of low cost GPS jammers has resulted in the need for the GPS anti-jam navigation systems that TFX has developed.

Our specialized need for advanced computing architectures has resulted in the development of reconfigurable computing platforms that can be applied to a wide range of digital image, signal, and data processing and digital control applications. These reconfigurable computing multi-processor platforms are ideal for demanding fault-tolerant applications.

Though our application areas are primarily national defense and homeland security, TFX technologies are also used in commercial applications in the maritime, aerospace, biomedical, manufacturing, and energy exploration markets. TFX welcomes inquiries from these sectors and provides technical support to introduce new technologies and assure successful outcomes.

As a technically innovative women-owned small business, TFX values talent, initiative, diversity, and ethical practices in all aspects of our business. Above all else, we at TFX value our customers. Our customer’s success is the key to ours and every day we strive to assure mutual success.

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